Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos do we get?

The photos that are captured on your wedding day will not be withheld or limited to you. I only delete photos : blurry, blinked eyes, duplicates, overexposed etc. The rest are saved and edited for your gallery.

Is one shooter enough?

Yes, in most cases it is enough. In a lot of cases brides  just like the security of having more than one shooter at their wedding which is totally understandable. Guess its always better to be safe than sorry. I am however very confident in myself, and can handle a lot of what a wedding alone if thats a question in your head as well. But a second shooter would obviously cover ground I can not get since I'm one person and can't be everywhere at once.

Can I get the raw files?

I do not provide raw photos or videos. Raw video footage is an exception but must be booked and discussed before your wedding date. I do offer raw video footage in my services that can be purchased.

Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are completely complimentary.

They need to be done 5 months before your wedding date.

This complimentary shoot can not be traded or used for credit, it has no credit to it. I make engagement shoots complimentary mainly to connect with my couples, and ultimately "practice" for the wedding day